Photographers Wanted


Thank you for your interest in Boudoir International! We are looking for established boudoir photographers and would love to have you apply to be a part of our site.  

* The main reason, obviously, is to potentially book more shoots and make your business even more lucrative!
* The Boudoir Divas receive thousands of hits to their website – and there will be a direct link to Boudoir International ON THEIR HOMEPAGE!
* One should cover the cost of a year’s membership!
* Gain additional notoriety and visibility within the growing boudoir industry and scene.
* We want to build a strong boudoir resource, the more boudoir photographers on here the more attention you will get. Boudoir photographers unite! Together let’s bring boudoir to the masses!
* Being on this is site is a great marketing (or bragging rights;) opportunity! We will be sending you a badge, or jpeg, you can add to your site to give your business even more street cred.

*Currently seeking boudoir photographers in all US cities/states, as well as International boudoir photographers.  
*We are looking for professional photographers who are committed to providing a private, classy, and comfortable experience.  
*We require that you have an online portfolio (professional website) that displays your boudoir work.
*We will be reviewing all websites and will send an invitation to join the site if we feel that you will be a good fit for Boudoir International.


I want to be on Boudoir International

If you would like to be considered for Boudoir International, please give us your information here. We will review photographers on a regular basis. If you meet our requirements and we would like to have you listed on Boudoir International, you will receive an official invitation from us with your next steps to join! Thank you!


Boudoir Photography is...

Boudoir photography is sexy, classy, and beautiful photos of a woman. The word 'boudoir' comes from the French meaning 'a woman's bedroom' or 'powder room' Boudoir International is a boudoir referral site for clients searching for a boudoir photographer in their city. Boudoir International is created by Kimberlee West and Marissa Boucher, of The Boudoir Divas Inc.  Their boudoir photography studio in San Diego was founded in 2006 by Marissa and Kimberlee. The Boudoir Divas have "brought boudoir back" and since 2007 they have traveled around the world teaching boudoir photography seminars and workshops, leading boudoir platform programs, and sharing their photo knowledge with professional photographers. With their inspiration boudoir photo posing guides, and their boudoir pictures workshop book, they are educating and inspiring photographers to become successful boudoir business owners.

"BOUDOIR INTERNATIONAL" cannot be held legally responsible for your experience once initial contact is made with photographers listed on this site. BOUDOIR INTERNATIONAL simply provides a more convenient web search service with preferred studios whose portfolios were reviewed but endorse affiliated.