Curvy Boudoir Photo Shoot by Jodi Lynn Maxwell of Le Boudoir

We are in L.O.V.E. with this gorgeous curvy boudoir photo shoot by Jodi Lynn Maxwell of Le Boudoir in Tempe Arizona. Jodi’s model, the beautiful Miss Amanda, is absolutely ROCKING this photo shoot. And I just love that Jodi shows the world how women of ALL shapes and sizes are absolutely gorgeous!!! We love this. Jodi, thank you for sharing your beautiful shoot with us!
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Model: Amanda
Hair/Makeup Artist: Beauty by Erica

What was your overall vision for the shoot, or – how did you decide to shoot this concept?
From the moment we are little girls from one avenue to another we are surrounded with images and ideals of what women “should” look like. We see women in magazines, on television and on the runways, modeling with their thin bodies. It can set an unhealthy tone for a girl’s life if she is naturally curvy. There is no way that a naturally curvy woman will be able to exercise or diet enough to fit into a size zero, nor should she want to!:) Every woman is built in different ways and learning to embrace yourself and your body (yes all of it!) will promote more happiness and acceptance in life. Jodi Lynn, photographer and owner of Le Boudoir Studio believes plus size boudoir photography is so much fun!” (written by Le Boudoir’s studio blogger, “Tianna Leigh”)

I had clients that were coming to me asking if it was ok to come in to the studio if they were plus size, my answer, “heck yes!” I saw that Amanda embraced herself and loved herself and wanted to share that to everyone! My clients did not see enough curvy women on my website and I needed to change that, pronto!

Did you work with a stylist, or did you style all the outfits/accessories yourself?
I brought Amanda shopping so we could make sure we had the perfect fit and style that we were going for! Her husband though loved the cute sexy nerdy girl look at the end and picked it out himself! I wanted to make sure even though we had her model for us that she still had something included that was sentimental for her man!

Describe the styling of the shoot
We wanted to have a few looks, not just one:) My client also owned a few items but not all….

Most of our lingerie was Lingerie Superstores since we also have a partnership with them:)

I always have spare stilettos, at the studio in most sized as well as fedoras, pearls and other jewelery that we purchase at Charming Charlies. An amazing accessory store that you can spend hours in!

How would you describe your typical style, was this a departure or were you playing into your typical inspiration? Most of my style is pretty, bright, natural light but I like to have something for everyone. This is why I added the “Bombshell set” which is the set Amanda did with the gray and black stripes and wall sconces. Super sexy and moody:) Most people describe my style though as sweet and sexy and I feel like the sweetness of my style makes clients less timid to work with me:) I feel like this session shows my style for sure!

If you could choose the most important pieces of the styling or set in your images that you would say set the tone for the whole shoot what would they be?
Honestly, I think that each outfit we chose goes with the light from each set so I feel like the outfit is key! The clothing on the bed is soft and sweet and the dark set has more moody dark clothing. Even the plain white background has the perfect clothes because they really pop since the background it not distracting.

Photographers always know that nothing goes to plan in a editorial shoot where there are so many elements that have to come together, overcoming them and still getting killer images is what makes us pro. 🙂 What challenges did you face?
I think this went very smooth compared to other modeling sessions. I feel like Amanda was very shy at first but really broke out of her shell and embraced everything. I think its hard for any size girl to meet someone for the first time and start trying on lingerie for them within the first 10 minutes of introducing ourselves in person. I think finding the outfits was stressful at first as we tried on so many!

Describe the setting of the shoot/location, and how it inspired you:
The session takes place at my studio in Tempe Az, “Le Boudoir Studio” I almost always shoot there but wanted even more bright lighting so I decided to photograph more in front of the window than we normally do. We just purchased a new chandelier and us photographers know that when we have a new prop we want to platy!

Would you want to recreate this shoot for your clients? Or was this a one-of-a-kind original?
Most sessions I do for models is to test it out for a future client so I love using this session as my inspiration for them!