Considering a boudoir shoot on Valentine’s Day?

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Are you contemplating doing a boudoir photo shoot for Valentine’s Day this year? Well here’s a woman who knows a thing or two about sexy gifts, lingerie guru Ruth Brennan, to share with you her thoughts….

boudoir valentine's

Single This Valentine’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is a French term for a woman’s private room or bedroom, and boudoir photography features images taken in an intimate setting that highlight a woman’s unique beauty and sense of self.

Boudoir photography isn’t just about capturing beautiful pictures. It’s about celebrating and embracing yourself exactly how you are at this very moment. It highlights the beauty of the feminine form and reaches beyond age, weight, or bone structure. Posing for a boudoir session can be one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences you can give yourself.  

Here are a few reasons why you should consider boudoir photography this Valentine’s season:

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Boudoir photography is about encouraging women to embrace and celebrate the sensual expression of themselves. If you don’t engage that aspect of your personality very often, it can be very powerful to remind yourself how gorgeous you are. You might find that the photography session reignites the spark within you.

Don’t forget that confidence is universally appealing. Everyone has insecurities, and sometimes we spend too much time focusing on what we don’t like about our bodies. Instead, why not focus on what you love about yourself and celebrate how it makes you feel.

Wearing beautiful lingerie inspires confidence, even if no one sees you in it. Before you book your boudoir session, treat yourself to a few beautiful pieces of lingerie as a lasting gift from your affirming experience.  

You’ll Look Amazing

Who doesn’t love a good glamour session? Many boudoir photographers offer professional hair and makeup services, which offers a chance to unwind before the session and indulge in a real treat. How often do we allow ourselves such a luxury in our busy lives? Make sure to schedule a night out with friends after your photography session to celebrate how amazing you look and feel.

Some people are more comfortable doing their own makeup and hair, which is perfectly fine as well. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure or visit a stylist to touch up your hair a few days before the shoot.

Boudoir photography is about the experience of being pampered, appreciated and seeing yourself through the eyes of another. It’s about honoring the beautiful, glamorous woman within every one of us.


Celebrate Your Single Life

Women choose boudoir photography for all sorts of reasons. It’s certainly a popular gift for a significant other, but more women are booking photo sessions solely for themselves. It can be a meaningful way to mark a milestone birthday, the arrival of a baby, or to celebrate a recent improvement to your life.

Valentine’s Day can be tough on single people, but it doesn’t have to be. Celebrate being a strong single woman and relish the terrific, rich life you have built for yourself.

Toss out the pre-conceived notions of what makes a good Valentine’s Day. You don’t need candy, flowers, or a fancy dinner to feel appreciated. Gather your single women friends and book a group photography session. You’ll leave feeling like you can conquer the world, and you might just be the envy of your non-single friends.

Do It Because It Scares You

Are you familiar with the saying life begins at the end of your comfort zone?

The boudoir experience can definitely mark the start of a new stage in life. We grow as people when we’re challenged, and that includes trying new things. That’s why it’s important to engage in things that make us feel a little uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s good to take a leap of faith, even if it terrifies you. The benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone are well worth it.

We easily fall into certain habits in our daily life, completing the same tasks at work or wearing the same hairstyle or outfits. Comfort and routine can make us stale; it can kill productivity and imagination.

When you stretch yourself and try something new, you’ll find a new appreciation for life again. Imagine the terrific sense of self-confidence and empowerment you will gain from sitting for boudoir portraiture.

Banish Your Body Issues

The most important thing is to embrace your inner beauty. Society has twisted the concept of beauty into something virtually unattainable, and the collective female body image has paid a steep price.

You are enough as you are. Not on a “skinny day.” Not after you get in shape. As you are now is enough, and that’s beautiful and a reason to celebrate.

With boudoir photography, you’re working with people who honestly and sincerely see you as beautiful, and do everything they can to make sure you see it as well. And, in looking through their eyes, you’ll see assets you perhaps never knew you had.

It’s Fine Art

Under the care of the photographer’s trained eye, boudoir photography is much more than just sexy pictures. It’s a work of art, worthy of hanging in a gallery, and you play the starring role. Plus, you have an amazing keepsake of your experience and a lifelong reminder of how beautiful you are.

Final Thoughts

Our initial instincts might conjure a dozen reasons why NOT to do a boudoir shoot. Perhaps you feel too shy, lack confidence or want to lose those final ten pounds. Boudoir photography, done purely for your own enjoyment, is an affirmation of seeing yourself as sensual, daring, and confident woman. We encourage you to swallow your fear and take the plunge. Women who’ve done so have invariably raved about their life-changing experience.

Written by Ruth Brennan, Owner of Little Bits of Lace. A lingerie story and boudoir photography believer! They have an online store as well as awesome boutique in Charleston, SC. 

EDITORIAL BOUDOIR | An outdoor boudoir shoot by THE BOUDOIR DIVAS

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A photo shoot by Marissa Boucher of The Boudoir Divas, one of the founders of Boudoir International. Follow her on instagram @marissa.boucher

We took it outdoors not too long ago with a shoot styled by the amazing Feathers and Fox for our client Heather. Living in San Diego has it’s perks for sure, in that we have all the benefits of the climate and landscape of gorgeous ranch like Mexico and we are happy to take advantage. This was done close to the border on a friend’s ranch. We wanted to go forward with a very strong theme, being that we are obsessed with the music festival vibe, it seemed perfect. Peggy took quite a bit of time doing a fitting with Heather, helping her pick out and decide which pieces would be the best for the look we were going for.

Then add this location we fell in love with, sunset and purple mountains majesty, and WHAM! Gorgeous images. It’s easy to see why we are falling more and more in love with outdoor boudoir photography shoots.

If you are a member of Boudoir International and would like to submit images from a boudoir shoot for our blog, please choose 15-25 images and send to with a write up about the shoot.

Real Boudoir | The Beauty & Boudoir Studio in Longmont Colorado

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The Beauty & Boudoir Studio in Longmont Colorado
We bring you this “Real Boudoir” submission from Lanett Franko of The Beauty & Boudoir Studio in Longmont, Colorado. This bridal session was with Haley who came to me wanting to do a session as a gift to herself as well as her fiance.  She wanted a classic bridal session and confidence proved to be the sexiest outfit she displayed.  Hair/makeup – In studio stylist hair/makeup Monica Martinez.
While there are so many reasons to get a boudoir photo shoot done, we think one of the most special reasons has to be bride doing this for her groom (and herself of course). This just seems to be one of the most sought after gifts when it comes to wedding planning and preparation. And it’s so fun for us boudoir photographers to photograph! The bride’s anticipation is infectious! And she brings so many sentimental items to use for the shoot as well, it makes it all that much more meaningful.
Get excited and inspired for your bridal boudoir shoot with all the ideas on Pinterest!
And photographers here on Boudoir International, don’t forget to send us your Real Boudoir submissions to as well!!

Real Boudoir | Render Photography | Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Britt of Render Boudoir  in Minneapolis, Minnesota wrote up a little for our boudoir blog to share some of her thoughts on all things boudoir and on this photo shoot…..
When I guide my clients with what to wear, I always suggest at least one outfit that is light-colored and sweet and at least one that is dark and sexy. And my idea is that we start out in the light pieces with really easy, lounging poses that are soft and very girl-next-door beautiful. Then we get more and more comfortable and end the session in the sexiest lingerie on a plain black backdrop with the fan going and dance music on. Sara really nailed it by bringing in panties and a white tank top to start in, a blue bra and panty set for the middle, and a lacey bodysuit for her third look.
She did such a fantastic job of completely trusting my instructions and really really LOOKING into the camera lens which are the two things that from my perspective make an amazing portrait. And then it certainly didn’t hurt that Sara came in with this incredible long thick hair to work with, dazzling, kind eyes, and a strong body that could have walked right out of a cross fit ad.
I asked Sara to throw in a few pennies about who she is in real life (that is, besides being a badass lingerie model for me), how she prepared for the session, what motivated her to do one, and anything she’d like other women to know about the experience…
“I am going to be a real live nurse come May which is very exciting. I am super busy with that but I always make a point to exercise everyday because it’s a huge source of stress relief for me and I think it contributes to a happy life. I do try to keep my diet in check but I definitely don’t deprive myself of things I love when I want them (especially chips and salsa and chocolates). I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my fiancé as a wedding gift but it ended up turning into a gift for myself as well. I was definitely nervous but Britt made me feel like I’ve known her for years so I was never once uncomfortable. I also eased into the shoot and chose my outfits based on how confident I was feeling. I started with a sweet, more conservative outfit and worked my way up to what I believe may be the sexiest piece of lingerie I’ll ever own. I left my session feeling like the hottest, most awesome person in the world. It was very empowering and I wouldn’t hesitate for even a second to do it again! “

Render Boudoir photography 2 Render Boudoir-photography

Thank you so much Britt for sharing this shoot with us. If you are a member of Boudoir International don’t hesitate to submit some of your work to us for consideration.

Real Boudoir | Simply Lush | Scranton, Pennsylvania

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We asked Ashley of Simply Lush Boudoir to tell us a little more about her as well as this beautiful boudoir session she sent our way. Here what she said….

“I am Ashley and I own Simply Lush Portrait Boutique in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I have been specializing in boudoir for 3 years now and it’s something I am truly in love with. I love helping my clients rediscover their true beauty and confidence, no matter the age, shape, or size. All of my clients leave an everlasting impression on my heart… however this particular one is about one of my clients who has struggled with body image for some time now and this session really opened my eyes. While I never forget why I am in this business, it really helped me take a step back from the “business” side of things and reminded me how real woman really feel. These are real women, with real struggles and stories.


I do many of my sessions in my studio but decided to do this one outdoors. Another local boudoir photographer was kind enough to let me use her property. She was a sweetheart as well, which made my client’s experience even better.

Meet Kayla. – She describes herself as somewhat of an introverted person and has been admiringly following our photography for a while now. “Your posts are truly beautiful and inspiring. I think that I’ve always secretly wanted to do a session (simply for myself), but I did not have the confidence, nor did I ever think I would have the confidence.” Kayla suffered some pretty severe depression and was always down on herself. She picked herself up, graduated, became a Registered Nurse and landed her dream job in the intensive care unit.

“Your photography shows all these beautiful women that have been through God knows what – still smiling, gorgeous, confident and ready to take on anything – and that’s finally how I’m starting to feel for the first time in my life. Before the reveal, I was definitely anxious. I hoped that they came out okay. After the reveal – I was shocked. They looked beautiful! I felt more confident in myself – its been a long battle for self esteem with me – and its still a battle – but this experience and the way I felt after was worth it.It took a long time for me to learn to love myself and be comfortable with who I am. This experience was really incredible – and I’m so appreciative of what you do and did for me.:)”
I love what I do. I love empowering women and helping them rediscover their true beauty and confidence. Kayla was such a pleasure to photograph and her beauty truly radiates through all of her images. I am so happy I was able to help her feel gorgeous again and can’t wait to get her album in her hands!What is holding you back from this moment right here? From feeling fierce, empowered, confident, and above all, in LOVE with yourself? If you’ve inquired but have yet to take the leap–it’s TIME! Life is far too short to put it off, or tell yourself a million reasons why you can’t do it. Do something that scares you!!

Simply Lush for Boudoir International 1 copy Simply Lush for Boudoir International 2 copy

Thank you so much for sharing this Ashley. And thank you to your brave and caring client who wanted to share her story with other women. This is exactly what boudoir photography is all about!

Editorial Boudoir | Kara Marie | Austin, Texas

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We are taken aback by the beauty of this desert sunset shoot! It’s sexy but still beautifully raw and earthy in the best kind of way. It was obviously well planned, with an incredible model, Olivia Jordan, starring as the queen of this insane landscape.

This editorial boudoir photo shoot comes from Kara Marie of Austin, Texas! Kara says, “my super power is making women feel like they can conquer the world with the confidence they gain through a boudoir experience with me.” Thanks for motivating us all to plan an outdoor boudoir shoot Kara! Those of you considering an outdoor boudoir shoot, not all photographers offer on location, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!

austin-texas-kara-marie-boudoir-divas-boudoir-international-top austin boudoir

Kara Marie’s philosophy is that boudoir is for every body, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, you do a boudoir shoot for yourself, gift giving is just a bonus, and always keep it classy and classic.

She says, “Beauty & Boudoir photography is the ultimate experience for ANY woman. I don’t care who you are, what you look like, what size your jeans are, how old you are, what your marital status is, or what you put on your toast in the morning (but bonus points if you say Nutella).  This type of portraiture is for EVERY woman. It is meant to make EVERY woman feel her absolute best. Sure, sure, these photos make for phenomenal gifts to your significant other…but what’s better is that it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

My beauty and boudoir clients range from the recently divorced woman who is celebrating her “re-release” into the world, to the mother of 4 who hasn’t felt pretty in a decade, to the single and proud who wants to celebrate herself, to the engaged woman who wants to present her partner with a wedding gift that makes them thank their lucky stars that she chose THEM.”

Learn more about her and her studio in Austin, Texas at Or to find more Texas boudoir visit

Bride’s are you considering a gift for the groom….

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While boudoir photography was introduced as the “sexiest gift for the groom”® not too long ago, this new trend took off rapidly as more and more grooms were stunned speechless by this surprise gift. As a photographer who was part of this new movement, it was fun to see it gain momentum, word spreading as groomsmen watched the groom’s eyes get wide with amazement as they saw him open this secret book just minutes before his bride walked down the aisle toward him.

It was quite the new hot topic, and everyone understood why. A must have item.

Boudoir was once considered risqué or taboo and has now been converted into what we love it to be…. a private celebration of the beauty of intimacy within a couple. And not just for the couple as a unit, individually for the bride herself as well. A way to celebrate and document what as old as time, has been one of the most special traditions in womanhood …. the season of wedding preparation. It looks much different these days than it did say even a hundreds of years ago, with pinterest, wedding magazines, and going down the #wedding hashtag rabbit trails, but the overall anticipation and tradition remains.

While our prep looks different, the sweet sentiment swirling in a bride’s heart is all the same as it ever was, she radiates with the hopes, wishes and dreams this memorable time inspires. And as photographers we love that we get to celebrate and document the bride, aglow with anticipation and rosy with the frantic pace that accompanies this season. It’s wonderful seeing this brides experience play out…she comes to our studio, nervous, but enjoys this confidence boosting experience more than she ever thinks she will, feeling better in her own skin when she leaves, and she romances her groom with this sweet gesture. It’s a win/win.

We feel our job is to enter into that space with her, inspired to create something that represents her beautifully. At the risk of sounding entirely cheesy, which I have already done, we boudoir photographers feed off the hopes that are quietly spilling from our bride’s hearts, and I don’t think there is anything more a photographer loves than this in a subject.

So much of the wedding prep is about tasks, to-do lists, deadlines. We love that a boudoir session is a time slow down, tune out the must do-dos, and to step into this season by being present. We highly encourage you to do this for your spouse-to-be, but even more so for yourself. Look for a highly qualified boudoir photographer, read their testimonials, look for consistency in their galleries of images, and most importantly get a sense that you will feel comfortable with them. You won’t regret it!


Written by Marissa Boucher, Owner of The Boudoir Divas in San Diego, whose goal is to give every woman the ultimate supermodel experience TM.

Self-Styling for Your Boudoir Shoot

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It happens every time! The anticipation of my shoot is accompanied by the obsession with the age old question: “What am I going to wear?!” It’s essential to attack your outfit plans with two key things in mind:

What comfort level are you aiming for?
When I did my very first boudoir shoot with The Boudoir Divas, I was about 6 months into a huge weight loss transformation, and still not super comfortable with my body. I opted for a pretty slip-like option with lace detailing and sky high black heels. Years later, I decided to go with a two piece lingerie set, but knew I’d be more comfortable with a little extra coverage-so I added a pretty angora cardigan for some of the shots, as well! Make sure whatever you choose, you love it-and how it makes you feel!

Who/What are your photos for?
If you’re taking these photos for a gift or surprise, you know best what they’d like. I’ve seen adorable boudoir photos that pay homage to that special someone with their military uniform hat or jacket, their favorite team jersey, or maybe you decide they’re lucky to get these photos in the first place and wear whatever you want! It goes without saying that taking these photos “just because,” or for that extra boost of confidence warrants wearing whatever makes you happy, as well!

Get Inspired
My favorite place to get inspiration is Pinterest (aka the land of all things that make me think I can do anything-kind of like a second, non-verbal mom). There are tons of resources for boudoir shoot inspiration, and even just searching a specific type of lingerie or brand will open you up to worlds of possibility! Feel free to check out my personal Boudoir Styling board, where I save ideas for items I’d like to add to my collection!
Finding Affordable Options
Personally, I’d rather spend money on a photography/ hair/ makeup dream team, and more photos to have and keep. So when it comes to getting pieces for shoots, I try to stay a little more conservative with my budget. My heart says “La Perla,” but my head says Adore Me! Adore Me is an awesome lingerie subscription service (although you don’t have to subscribe) with super affordable, and totally trendy lingerie sets! The site carries a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Whether you’re in the market for a corset/panty combo or want a sexy bra and panty combo, there is something for everyone. Right now, you can use the code “PANTYGIFT” to get an additional free panty with any order. The items are high quality, true to size, and returns/exchanges are really easy!
sexy lingerie for all budgets
[Lingerie items above can be found here: #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / #5]

Obviously, on such an auspicious occasion as one doing a boudoir shoot, splurging on La Perla may be just the right idea. By no means am I suggesting you limit yourself! If you’re into the bohemian, knitted, vintage chic vibe, you may like For Love and Lemons, too!

You can also peruse your local mall for places like Victoria’s Secret, Soma Intimates, or even your Macy’s intimates department for beautiful options. If you’re more of an online shopper, check out some of the handmade and custom items on, or go for a vintage vibe with options you can find at!

Great resources for plus-sized options are,,, and (more styling tips coming soon for plus-size lingerie, so check back here with the blog soon!)
plus size sexy
The Most Important Item You Need at Your Shoot?
Bring an open mind! With the right photographer (check out an awesome post with more on that here), an outfit you feel amazing in, and that pretty face of yours, you will kill it! Need more inspiration before your shoot? Check out all of the advice and input that the Boudoir International Blog has to offer!

And remember, you’ve always been a bombshell! – Sondra

  boudoir international writing team


Real Boudoir | Beautiful You Studios | Savannah, Georgia

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This real boudoir shoot comes from Candace Perry, a boudoir photographer in Savannah, Georgia.
Best friends April & Gerianna came up from Panama City, Florida for a girl’s weekend get away.  They stayed at the Marshall House hotel, one of Savannah’s most historic hotels, built in 1855. Savannah is a huge destination spot and many women travel there for bachelorette parties or simply just to get away. These ladies decided to treat themselves to a boudoir session as their significant others were off in Vegas on a guys’ trip!
Initially, April & Gerianna purchased a Groupon with another photographer. But after that photographer backed out, they scrambled to find another at the last minute. That’s when Candace stepped in! The girls got their makeup down at the MAC counter, and did their own hair (too late of a notice for a hair and makeup artist!) and we think they look absolutely beautiful!

For more of Candace Perry’s work at Beautiful You Studios, visit

candace perry1 candace perry

Get the most out of your boudoir shoot

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I have been a boudoir photographer for nearly ten years now – and can you believe that it took me SIX years into my career to have my OWN boudoir shoot? I had photographed hundreds of women, and had been teaching other professional photographers about boudoir photography for years before I ever put myself in my clients’ shoes. Looking back, I definitely regret that I didn’t have my own shoot experience sooner. I feel like this is a requirement for ALL boudoir photographers, so that they truly understand the experience from the other side of the lens. In any case, when my husband & I hit our 1-year anniversary, I knew it was time to go for it – no more excuses or putting it off. So here are the top five things that this Boudoir Photographer Learned in FRONT of the Camera:

1. Plan & prep. This is SO important, because you don’t want to walk into your shoot feeling like you are just ‘winging it.’ Our last blog post from a member of our writing team shares 7 ways to plan for your boudoir shoot, so definitely go check out that article. From my experience, the importance of planning was especially true when it came to outfits. Since I had had six years’ experience shooting different types of lingerie and all kinds of ‘looks,’ I knew that I wanted my shoot to have tons of VARIETY. Now, I also understand that if you find a lingerie set or style that you love (and looks amazing on you), that you would probably tend to get a few of those styles that look similar. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, a boudoir shoot is also a chance to step a little outside your comfort zone. So why not try out something that’s totally different than what you’d normally wear? You might be surprised by what looks good on you in the dressing room!

For my own shoot, I created a Pinterest board to gather ideas on what three different ‘looks’ I wanted from my shoot. This really helped me as I was shopping for outfits, because I knew that I had certain vibes I was going for, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed while browsing in lingerie shops. Keep in mind that as you’re creating Pinterest boards, that you aren’t trying to completely re-create a specific shot that you see. I definitely don’t recommend bringing an image in to your photographer and asking him or her to give you that exact image, because that’s just not realistic. Rather, use Pinterest to help you narrow your focus and create a few distinct ‘looks’ or ‘vibes’ for the inspiration for your own shoot and styling. Here are a few of the images that I grabbed off Pinterest for my own shoot’s inspiration:

boudoir photo shoot tips

2 – Enjoy the experience. YES it is nerve wracking… but try to relax and enjoy the experience! I had told my clients for six years that ‘everyone feels a little nervous, don’t worry, etc…’ but I never truly understood that nervous/excited energy until I was in their shoes, walking into my own shoot, and sitting down for my own hair & makeup appointment. I mean, I KNEW what the experience was going to be like. I was intimately familiar with what was going to happen, and yet I was still nervous on that morning of my shoot. My only advice for you is to channel that nervous energy into excitement, and try your best to soak in the experience. Listen to the music playing, look around at the studio’s environment, have a glass of champagne if your photographer offers you one (this last one definitely helped ease my nerves). And then while you’re getting your hair and makeup done, just chat with the HMU artist, and enjoy getting pampered!

3 – Trust your photographer. After your hair & makeup is done, and you’re ready for the photo shoot itself, now is the time to fully let go. For me, this meant letting go of my insecurities, and letting go of control. I know that for a lot of my clients, this step can be very difficult – because, let’s face it, most of us have a little insecurity about one thing or another. But as soon as you let yourself think about those insecurities during your shoot, you give them power over you. Take back that power and tell yourself to let go! If your photographer puts you into a pose that initially makes you think something like ‘ugh, this is going to look horrible and show off my ___’ (fill in the blank with whatever body part or feature you don’t love about yourself). But instead, let go of that control, let go of the negative thoughts, and TRUST your photographer. Your photographer is going to give you plenty of images to choose from, and I promise that you will love so many of them. If there are one or two shots that you don’t love, that’s ok! But during the shoot, allow yourself the freedom to let go and just embrace the entire experience.

4 – Get an album. I can’t emphasize this enough. Please don’t just get one or two prints, or a disc of digital images that will sit on your computer for years. Please, get an album to show off your images! I purchased a gorgeous album to give as an anniversary gift to my husband, and of course he loved it. But more than just a gift for him, that album is now a keepsake for ME, to look back on this time in my life and remember the experience.

5 – Carry that confidence. Even now, 4 years after my shoot, I will pull it out every once in a while and remember how much fun it was to get glammed-up, feel pampered, and rock my photo shoot. At this very moment while I’m writing this blog post, I am in my PJs… my toddler is alternately sitting on my lap and playing with his toys on the floor at my feet, and I am 4 months pregnant with baby #2. I haven’t washed my hair in a couple of days, and I’m not feeling entirely glamorous right now. BUT, I have my boudoir album sitting on the table next to my computer and coffee cup, and I just glanced through it again. And the thing that sticks out to me is the confidence that this experience has given me. It’s not just about putting on false eyelashes and lingerie. It’s more than some sexy poses and pretty photos. What I walked away with, after all of the planning, the shopping, the nervous energy, and the photo shoot, was a sense of confidence in myself.

So, beautiful, as you leave your boudoir shoot, I hope that you leave behind your insecurities and feelings of not being ‘enough.’ I hope that you walk away and take with you a renewed sense of confidence in knowing you are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are enough. You are uniquely YOU, so carry that with you in your everyday life. xoxo, Kimberlee

kimberlee west